Shrine visit@Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Today’s spot is Naritasan Shinshoji Temple @Narita City!


Here is the head temple of Satoshiyama-ha, Shingon-syu, one of the Buddhism sect.
About 10 million visitors come here and this amount is the second biggest amount of sightseeing spot in Chiba Pref. (the top is Tokyo Disney Resort))


The gate is great! And omikuji(paper fortune) was written in 4 languages(Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)


Drew fortune slips!



At the sides of the road approaching a shrine, variety of shops stands! Especially among food shop, personally I was interested in Kawatoyo Honten which is famous for eels.



Lots of people gathered that day, too!



Additionally, I concerned about Sabonsama, shop of konjac!! That soap was very soft that I was surprised XD


You may be interested in both Temple and road approaching a shrine I think XD

Let’s go~~:D








『Girls’ trip×NaritaLCC~support book for beginners~』Download is from here↓女子旅-