Playing in TARZANIA

Today’s spot is TARZANIA, located in Nagara town,Chosei country:)

There is the long zip slide which is the longest one in Japan! Additionally, there are lots of athletics.


TARZANIA is the athletic which we put on harnesses and move among forest XD

It looks too difficult, however, we can take a proper lecture before starting. Thus, you can enjoy if you have never try it;)


After the lecture, finally, we try!!


Here, you have to jump into nets…! Its thrill is like Bungee jumping and you can have experiences which we cannot do in daily life!



Especially, among athletics, you can feel as if you become birds( ^ω^ )

☆Here, we posted the video which recorded at TARZANIA!

Don’t miss it d( ̄  ̄)

I seldom play any sports or exercise but I could enjoy them enough in the cool nature♪

Once you try, and then, you surely  will recommend here to people around you(^^)!


First of all,YOU should go there XD




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