Andersen Park!!

Today, we show you our trip to Andersen Park @Funabashi!

Here was ranked 3rd prize by website, Trip advisor.


Lots of media introduce here nowadays(*'▽')

There are athletics, museum, restaurants, and atelier which we can make ceramic objets and weaving. Both adults and children can enjoy them XD



Atelier is for children basically, but sometimes "atelier for adults" are held.




If the event is for kids, adults are able to join it when it becomes less crowded. Let's goooooo!!!


There are not only athletics but long long slide :)

We tried it and really fun(^^)
(though there are some children and we were a little bit ashamed ;D)




A lot of cute souvenirs are sold in "a fairy tale hill" XD



We recommend ice cream and milk taste rice cakes sold @Bokujo-no-Aisuyasan (farm's ice cream shop)


Both goods and sweets are here!


My last visit is when I was an elementary school student. However I strongly agree with that adults can enjoy enough here♪

Girls who want to playing with athletics, who wants to take photos with many flowers, and who wants to make something!



Once you come Andersen Park, you can try variety of experience! Visit here when you come to Chiba ;)



『Girls’ trip×NaritaLCC~support book for beginners~』Download is from here↓女子旅-