Trying a trapeze!!

Hi! A few months ago, we experienced a trapeze @Trapeze Heroes in Kashiwa. Let us introduce about it!

These days, a lot of mass media introduce here(^^)


Before experiencing, we have seen a trapeze in the circus. But we did it like circus XD


However, instructors tell us carefully and we can try safe!

At first, we practice on the ground. Beginners can also enjoy it we think ;)


Practice on the ground♪


After the practice, we moved to the jump ramp XD


The height is 7m from ground…! Ni..nice view:)



We felt this was like bungee jumping! We were scared by climbing ladder because the ramp is on the high place. But it was only in the beginning. After the first try, we were enthusiastic for getting new performance :D


☆short movie of our performance




The difference between bungee jumping and this is that we can improve our performance on a trapeze.


The experience finished about 2 hours but we wanted to try it again!! We will be repeaters to improve more ;D

If you are interested in a trapeze, try it ASAP haha






『Girls’ trip×NaritaLCC~support book for beginners~』Download from here↓女子旅