Let’s try sea kayak!@Tateyama


This time, we introduce about sea kayak which beginners can do easily♪

You use “sit-on kayak” and this is two-seater.

When you hear “paddle sports”, someone will be concerned “I can’t swim well…”, “I don’t want to get soaked…”


However, you don’t have to be worried!!!

Really few times sea kayak overturns. And you wear life jacket when you challenge.


We visit Paddle sports ru in Tateyama.

The instructor tell us gentle. Thus, we can row to sea easily though it was the first time for us.

Before rowing, we learn basic motions.

And then, lets’ go to the sea(^^)/!!!




After departing, we were surprised how clearly the sea was!!!

It was clearer than we had expected and in the summer, we can see lots of colorful fish(´ω`*)

Instructor tell us how to enjoy in each season and where we are now♪


Further from shore, higher the wave a little of bit…!!! We felt nervous but after getting used to, you can enjoy(=゚ω゚)ノ


If both of you raw good timing, your kayak will go steadily.

You can be refreshing in high speed XD



Before starting, they were worried about sea kayak. But when they finish their activity, they smiled cute (*´▽`*)


I felt comfortable floating on the sea, and joy of catching a wave (^^)

In three hours course for beginners, we can go to the islands near the shore. Additionally in summer, you can experience snorkeling

Because it is marine sorts, sea kayak is thought that we can try it only during summer. However, you can try them during April to November because Tateyama is warm region. The instructor recommended sprig and autumn because the sea becomes clearly!


Go to Tateyama and lets’ try sea kayak!!



『Girls’ trip×NaritaLCC~support book for beginners~』Download is from here↓