Girls’ trip in a relaxed mood@ISUMI RAIWAY

Hello! Today’s topic is ISUMI RAILWAY. This railway is famous for the Moomin train and the trains which serve passengers some sweets



It is unexpected that such trains run in Chiba XD



We want you to visit and take this train. Don’t miss to read to the last!



Although it depends on season, ISUMI RAILWAY has several types of train beside Moomin train.


For example…

#train serving passengers some sweets

#train which we can eat Chinese snacks with tea

#train with Italian dishes

#spiny lobster limited express



Once we take this line, we can enjoy yummy sweets and dishes with viewing country scenery from train…

Wonderful, isn’t it????



This time, we took sweets train and Moomin train


The outward journy is sweets train.

This doesn’t has reservation system. So you should check when the tichets are sold and should have enough time before taking :)



After buying tichets and passing the examination of tichets, let’s start our trip!!


Retro tichets

Station staffs punch thichets♪




There is old train formed 2 vehicles @ISMI RAILWAYS Ohara sta.

Here is one of the best photo taking spot we think☆




The sweets train departs!!



No sooner than getting in, you have to order your drink. Choose you like ;)

Sweets plate we expected◎


We can enjoy some kinds of sweets (*^^*)

Sometimes train announcement tells you the good sceneries. Don’t miss the best moment to take pictures!!!!

After a hour, the train arrives at Joso-Nakano terminal (^-^)


Return journey is takind Moomin train

This time, we didn’t go to the terminal. Instead of it, we changed to Moomin train at Dentalsupport Otaki sta.


You can see Moomin both inside and outside of the train◎

Take a photo with your favorite character!!





You should find where each characters are in the train by yourself♪

Moomin train is also formed by 2 vehicles.



This is the return journey. The scenery is different from the outward journey a little bit◎

Reviewing the trip or thinking about the plan after arrival with beautiful view is enjoyable* 


Thanks for your visiting and reading to here(о´∀`о)

We hope you to use ISUMI RAILWAY.



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