Discovery the glasses’ attraction ~@Sghr*

Today’s place is Sghr (called Sugahara, small factory’s name which we can experience glasswork) and Sghr café. Both are in Kujukuri (^○^).

In the factory, we tried making glasses!


We can do it only here in Chiba though there is the shop which we can buy this factory’s goods in Tokyo:)


One of the good points is we can choose the combination of color and shape in detail among a lot of samples. You can make your original object XD

There was a great amount of colors. So I couldn’t decide which color I chose. Hahaha



Let’s move into the factory!!



At first, it looked sooooo difficult that I worried whether I could finish my work successfully…

But thanks for staffs’ kindly support, we successed easily *;D


These articles glitter in the sun and quite lovely!

We could make nice and precious goods<3


Additionnaly, there is a store which sells glassworks for the souvenir near the factory!


For example, they sell glasses and chopsticks rests whose price is about 1500yen. It is reasonable price and we recommend for souvenir for family or friends :D




Next is the introduction of Sghr café!


Here, we can have dishes and sweets with glass plates and glasses which made in this factory!

So each plates and glasses look very cute!!

     f:id:girlstripnrtLCC:20160605163237j:plain     f:id:girlstripnrtLCC:20160605163232j:plain

It looks more delicious because of these cool glasses …(*^^*)


We ordered baked cheese cake. Of course, sooo delicious XD


It was sooooo nice that she took photos… haha

We enjoyed both looking and eating in the café (^^)


We want you to visit here!!!



Where is the next???

Coming soon ;)



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