Walking in Sawara with wearing kimono

JR Sawara station.

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Hair and kimono were setted by Inoue hair salon which is in residential street 10min. by walk from JR Sawara station. You can ask your stylist about your hairstyle. After setting, you start wearing kimono.


The kinds of kimono are a lot!! Inoue hair salon has kimono both for men and for women. There is no time limit in the day. You can return your kimono whenever you want to do;)



Let’s go by little ship!!



Going slowly on the waterway surrounded by weeping willows… 


Suddenly, we were close to the bridge and bent quickly!!


thrilling moment(゚∀゚)



Going through under the bridge~



Trains also go through~


Since the change of volume of water by weather, the area which is able to enter is change depends on day. Fortunately, this day was fine weather!! Additionally, weeping willows and view of Sawara are so beautiful….. Wind was comfortable, too<3



After getting off the ship, let's start walking XD

During Edo era (about 1600〜1860), Sawara was prospered by water transport. We could imagine the scenery at that period. In addition, there is the atmosphere which is like Meiji and Taisho era(around 1860〜1925).


Here, in Sawara, There is house of Tadataka Inoh (who succeed in making exactly map of Japan by walk whole  area of Japan in Edo era) .





Having sweet potato’s ice cream (*´ω`*)

☆Models of this guidebookare the students who participate in this project(‘ω’)


Koboriya’s black soba. This black comes from kombu(kelp). Both soba and tempura are very delicious(∩´∀`)∩


tempura are very delicious(∩´∀`)∩


Escape from busy day and walking freely with wearing kimono. I was surprised that Chiba has such place…Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!Where is next…??
Thanks and see you soon!!




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