Around Nokogiriyama (Mountain of Sawtheeth)

Hi :)

Next is the spots around Nokogiriyama (Mountain of Sawtheeth).


After visiting Nokogiriyama, we had lunch at Banya, restaurant managed by fishery cooperative directly.


In Banya, we can take live shells from water tank and grill over coals! Of course it is nice because of their fresh, we could enjoy because it was like BBQ XD

There are other menu such as Sashimi (raw cutted fish) and jelly for desert☆

Ryoshi Curry (fisher's curry)』has two  tastes, a little spicy and spicy. Spicy one is soooooooooo spicy ....... Anyway, you should try once ;)


Every shell was big size and delicious! The staffs tell you how to grill.




 Later, we went to Michi-no-Eki Tomiura "Biwa Culb" (Roadside station Tomiura "Japanese Plum Club). Minami-Boso(one of areas of Chiba pref.) is famous as Biwa production. As the station's name, there are many kinds of Biwa's souvenir in Biwa Club.





 Biwa jam, jelly, juice, tea, etc...

One of members bought Biwa jelly and she says it is yummy☆;)

Not only foods, there are some goods for bath such as soap. So sweat smell:D



Additionally, not only Biwa's goods, we can get Chiba's souvenir. For instance, Bosyu-fan, Chiba-kun(mascot character of Chiba pref.) goods.



Biwa taste soft cream is also delicious <3


As reward for yourself, as souvenir for your family and friends, You can find the best one!


So, here is the end of introduction of Nokogiriyama and around it.


Visit Nokogiriyama and see the wonderful view, have delicious dish, and buy nice souvenir...... We think you will be able to spend great time if you come here!


We are waiting for your visiting Chiba!!!



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