Nokogiriyama (Mountain of Sawteeth)

Today’s spot is “Nokogiriyama (Mountain of Sawteeth)” which is located at Futtsu. There are also attractive spots around there :)


From the top of Nokogiriyama, visitors can see Tokyo Bay. Additionally, Mt. Fuji can be seen from there! You can go to the top by walk (50~90min.) and ropeway. If you are afraid of hiking, we recommend to use ropeway.


One of attractive points is that there is Nihon-Ji(temple) and it has many kinds of fascinating places. These are the photos which we visited :D


The greatest images of Buddha made of stone

It may not be known well that the greatest images of Buddha made of stone is in Nokogiriyama, Chiba pref. It gives you huge impact and you can take funny photos here XD



Obervatory (called Jigoku-Nozoki, looking into the Hell)

You may feel scared because here is located at quite high places. However, the view is awesome<3! You should try when you come.



★stone pit (unused now)

Nokogiriyama was known as Bosyu-stone product area (Bosyu: old name of Chiba). During 1600~1900, large amount of stone was got and uses for building. There is cool, quiet and magnificent…!!!



The view from here is soooo excellent!!!! Probably you will forget your exhaustion ;P


Next time we will focus on the area around Nokogiriyama(^^♪


Thank you for reading *:)


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